Nominated for the BKF Award 2021

platform BUNKER
- is an intimate exhibition space for hybrid practices that equals and unites art forms in a time where boundaries between disciplines become fluid and shape new artistic formats.

Curated by Rebekka Bohse Meyer & Sól Ey

platform BUNKER offers a range of interdisciplinary art works created by national and international artists. The exhibitions are all created specifically for the bunker and present performative, intimate total-experiences.

The distinctive architecture of the bunker challenges the idea of a traditional exhibition space and reveals novel formats of presenting art.

Due to its size, vault and building materials, the bunker works well for audio visual performances that stimulate the senses in 360 degree experiences. Thus, the participants are spatially and acoustically activated in an all-encompassing atmosphere.

platform BUNKER is neither a theatre, nor a white cube but an inclusive and intimate space providing the artists with the possibility of rethinking the audience experience through the active engagement of the participants.

platform BUNKER is located in Asgård which belongs to the house Rolfsvej 10, among others. Rolfsvej 10 is the home of members of KKS (The Danish Women’s Artist Association). platform BUNKER has adopted the association’s set of values of quality within the arts.


Hexorsicmos August 1 - 11
Rob Durnin September 28-29


On Perspective, Magnus Pind, May 2024
Photo: Ole Akhøj

Margret’s Blanket, Oskar Koliander, June 2021
Photo: Ole Akhøj

Distorted Circle, Ann Louise Andersen, October 2021
Photo: Ole Akhøj

Tracks, Tulle Ruth, April 2022
Photo: Ole Akhøj

So Nice (That would be so nice), Marcela Lucatelli, June 2022
Photo: Ole Akhøj

A Window of Time, Judy Suh, August 2022
Photo: Ole Akhøj

Besideinvited artistst we have presented the guest pop-ups:
Synthetic Seduction af Marie Munk og Stine Deja - kurateret af Anders Kjær Rasmussen og Emil Busch Madsen, august, 2021
Entangled af Beyond Darkness, oktober 2022

Links to reviews/publicity BEYOND DARKNESS - Udviskning af den binære relation mellem fantasi og virkelighed Kulturnatten: Entangled af Beyond Darkness Art Week: Marcela Lucatelli: SO NICE (that would be so nice) Seismograf ‘Poesiens i Rensdyrenes Bagben Politikken: ‘Undskyld, kan de sige mig hvor det nærmeste beskyttelsesrum er? Hvis du finder det, er det nok et øvelokale eller galleri’ TV2 Lorry ‘Bunkeren har stået tom siden Anden Verdenskrig: Danner nu ramme om helt nye oplevelser’ IDOART: Åbning af platform BUNKER

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