Presented in Theatre and Performance Design Journal
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 4
Taylor & Francis

Rebekka Sofie Bohse Meyer

To cite this article: Rebekka Sofie Bohse Meyer (2020) The expansion of scenography in virtual reality theatre: investigating the potential of double scenography in Makropol’s Anthropia , Theatre and Performance Design, 6:4, 321-340, DOI: 10.1080/23322551.2020.1854929

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This article introduces the concept of ‘double scenography’, which is my proposal for an expanded scenography that comprehends the duality between virtuality and reality that exists in virtual reality theatre. The concept will be unfolded here and is based on my experience of the performance Anthropia, which was presented in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 by the XR production studio Makropol. Placing the participant in a simultaneous physical and virtual space, it demonstrated the sensory power of scenography by challenging the participant’s sense of presence and existence. Not only did the double scenography establish a trustworthy VR experience, but it also constituted the dramaturgy of the performance through a playful and multisensorial engagement of the participant. Anthropia is introduced in this article through my audience response from experiencing the performance presented as ‘performative writing’. The response is the impetus for the analysis of Anthropia leading into a theoretical discussion on how virtual reality affects our experience of scenography and ourselves within such simultaneous technological and live space.