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Interactive A.I. Installation Presented at IDFA DocLab 2019

Reflector is an autonomous AI engine that edits film in continuous real time. Reflector is the next step in the integration of AI into the film industry. The autonomous AI engine arranges and edits the film in continuous real time. Artists Piotr Winiewicz and Dawid Gorny are using their Reflector installation to question the potential role of machines in documentary and arthouse film production, and to find common ground for dialogue among filmmakers about the future of film as an art form.
Reflector is the winner of IDFA 2019 Doclab grant and is part of a larger research project called KASPAR, that is developed with support from The Danish Film Institute and from the Norwegian Film School's Center for Excellence in Education, CEFIMA. Kaspar is part of IDFA's R&D program with M.I.T. Open Doc lab.

Winner of the 2019 Film Fund DocLab Interactive Grant.

The installation visualises how an AI chooses the different scenes and soundscapes based on 3 different parameters affecting the visuals as well as the soundscape (shot length/tempo, shot colour/mood, shot framing/soundscape versus dialectic sound). Visitors can influence the edit of the documentary by changing three different parameters on a touch screen. These three parameters stand for the total about 30 different parameters that are used to classify the scenes.

Spoken languages: English

Created by Piotr Winiewicz
Director: Piotr Winiewicz, Dawid Gorny, RNDR
Production_ Mads Damsbo for MAKROPOL ApS
Key collaborator: Anton Marini
Executive producer: Jakob Høgel
Co-production: Jeroen Barendse for RNDR studio
Cinematography: James Longley
Editing: Kaspar
Designer: Jeroen Barendse for RNDR, Boyd Rotgans for RNDR, Viola Bernacchi for RNDR, Edwin Jakobs for RNDR
Developer: Rasmus Ravn Frost, Esbern Torgard Kaspersen
Technical artist: Boyd Rotgans, Edwin Jakobs, Ferdinand Sorg
Sound Design: Rebekka Bohse Meyer
Screening copy: Mads Damsbo for MAKROPOL ApS

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Festival participation supported by Iportunus/Creative Europe