Paper at Zip-Scene Conference on Analogue and Digital Immersive Spaces

The conference was held on the 10-12th of November 2019 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary

This conference aims to investigate whether XR/extended reality (VR/AR/MR) works will acquire a status comparable to film, performing arts and video games in the near future. On this basis, we are looking forward to papers that address narrative experiences enabled by XR and especially VR technologies. 

My paper deals with ‘double scenography’ - a concept that I have identified in order to approach the complex role of scenography for virtual reality theatre. The concept will be unfolded and is developed based on my experience of the virtual reality performance Anthropiathat was presented in Copenhagen, DK, in 2017 by the VR-focused agency Makropol. As Anthropia existed simultaneously in physically and virtually, it challenged the participant’s sense of presence and existence and the sensory power of scenography.

Anthropia is introduced in this article by preliminary pieces of performative writing of my own experience of it and is used as a stepping-stone into a theoretical discussion about the scenography for virtual reality theatre as well as how this affect our experience of it and of ourselves within such technological spaces.

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This conference-participation was supported by Iportunus/Creative Europe