Myths of Electromagnetism                                             

Immersive sound installation made in collaboration with sound artist Camille Roth
Developed through artistic residency at 4DSOUND - Spatial Sound Institute
Presented in 4DSound's studio in Budapest as a part of the exhibition 'Inaudible Realities, 2017

‘Myths of Electromagnetism’ is a spatial sound installation which explores electromagnetic radiation, the ubiquitous invisible data and signals in the space around us, and the ways that we as humans relate to these phenomena.
The composition is primarily created using sound recordings of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in urban environments, and lower-frequency waves from phones and computers  - captured by a detector that transduces the different electromagnetic wavelengths into sound waves.
Here is an excerpts from thespatial sound installation at 4DSound. Please listen with good headphones as it is a binaural sound recording. The visuals are a representation of our work with spatial sound in Max for live and 4DSOUND. 

Myths of Electromagnetism [excerpts] - Camile Roth & Rebekka Meyer - 2018 from Camille Roth on Vimeo.

Read more about the installation at: 

‘On Spatial Sound’ is a documentary that builds a conversation around our relationship with sound and how to rediscover our listening through the works of the artists-in-residence at the Spatial Sound Institute.
In this documentory is an interview about our project and an exctract of our sounds can be heard:

This residency was supported by the Danish Art Council