Sound installation made for my Research Project
of the MA in Performance Design at University of Leeds, UK
Presented at Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow, UK and at
University of Leeds, UK, 2017

What is the potential of sound? Does sound have agency? Can design sound be political or does it need a narrative or visuals to make sense of it?
With this piece of sound design I have been concerned with exploring the potential of sound within performance design. As I have found that sound design is a neglected discipline within performance design research I am trying to investigate into its scenographic qualities, communicative potentials and its influence on the audience.
Therefore, this work is, despite its artistic autonomy, a practical piece of research analysed and discussed in a written research project. In its combination of theory and praxis, this work contributes to performance design research with its empirical data in sound.
More specifically, the sound work explores climate changes at different levels, scales and proximities. Via. five sound images I look at water, respiration, animals, food and technology as all affected parts of the climate changes with the aim of challenging the position of humans as the only centre of the world.
In the theoretical part, I further look at sound studies and its ecological potentials.

Man in Nature (Sound project 1) can be heard on soundcloud:

and here:

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