Impression, Seasons

4 channel video installation with sound 

Presented at Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe

Visual artist & concept: Judy Suh
Sound designer: Rebekka Sofie Bohse Meyer
Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation
Contribution: Jacob Kirkegaard (field recordings)
AR Designer & developer: Ann Slote

"Impression, Seasons" is an audio visual installation that evokes an ambient and hypnotic impression of the four distinct seasons that the artist always lived with, installed in the space as though one is looking out the windows. Borrowing the title from Claude Monet's "Impression, Sunrise", the piece explores video's potential to produce an impressionistic view on something like seasons, which is not only visual but full of sensory experiences and associated with certain moods and feelings. The work was created by filming through textured glass, pushing the artist's exploration of digital expressions married with tangible objects.