12 speaker multi-channel and spatial installation developed by interns at Hotel Pro Forma
Presented at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen 3th November, 2017
and in Filmbyen, Aarhus 9-11th November 2017

A journey from structure to dissolution.
An investigation of the modern human being’s endeavour to shape and rationalise nature through industrialization, mass production and farming factories.
For centuries, humans have altered the systems of nature with man-made technologies, synthetics and plastic, leading to irreversible changes. But, just as the ecosystem has proved to be a delicate apparatus, the technological systems our lives have become totally dependent upon are fragile to the changing climates, rising oceans and natural disasters.
The 12 speaker multi-channel installation sits in a constructed storage space; a sterile man-made universe. What is packed and preserved here is nothing but clean air. Fundamental to human existence, too volatile and temporary for mass production.


Artistic team:
Courtney Grant
Dana Tomecková
Line Sattler
Maria Brænder
Marie Dahl
Rebekka Bohse Meyer
Rikke Helbo
Urska Preis